Grandma Erzsi’s Kitchen

I love it when the children come down for a visit. I already start to prepare the day before. I cut the chickens, collect some vegetables from the garden and start to make the home-made pasta.

My son can definitely eat a lot. He enjoys thick, rich, greasy food.

My poor daughter-in-law is always on a diet. I make a special light lunch for her.

My grandson likes only meat. My granddaughter loves the noodle soup and any kind of desserts. But only the way that Grandma makes them. And my daughter’s family hasn’t even come this weekend.

As the family is so large and everyone likes something different, I am sure that You will find your favourite on the menu as well.

I will gladly prepare it for You, just as I do for my own children.


Warmly welcome,

Grandma Erzsi

Soups (Levesek)

1.     Garlic soup in toasted loaf with grated cheese                                                                         990.- Ft

2.                      Tarragon ragout soup in toasted loaf                                                                                              1190.- Ft

3.     Bean goulash soup with home-made noodles                                                                           990.- Ft

4.     Great Grandma's meat pot:                                                                                                                  890.- Ft

I cook chicken soup with vegetables and pasta then serve it in a small pot

5.                      Meat soup with liver dumplings                                                                                                                          890.- Ft

6.     My husband’s favourite:                                                                                                                         890.- Ft

I prepare a rich, filled potato soup with smoked sausage, I add sour cream

7.     Goulash soup with home-made noodles in a small pot                                                       990.- Ft


Pasta (Tészták)

8.     Potato noodles with ewe cheese, red onion                                                                              1490.- Ft

9.  Potato noodles with smoked pork trotters, ewe cheese and red onion                    1690.- Ft

10.  Oven baked pasta:                                                                                                                                       1690.- Ft

I bake together pasta, cottage cheese and bacon in a pan

11.  Spaghetti bolognese with plenty of cheese                                                                                 1690.- Ft


Beef (Marhahúsok)

12.  Steak with crunchy onion heap and steamed rice                                                                  3890.- Ft

13.  Steak with pea sauce and spicy potato slices:                                                                                                                                       3890.- Ft

14.  Steak of the woods with potato croquettes:                                                                              3890.- Ft

I fry the marinated steak to medium and serve it with mulberry fruit sauce

15.  Beef stew with potato noodles and ewe cheese                                                                       2390.- Ft


Fish (Halak)

16.                   Salmon fillet with lemon on creamy spinach garnish and peanut potatoes            2890.- Ft

17.  Whole baked trout with almond and steamed vegetables                                                2890.- Ft

Recommendation from my Heart (Jó szívvel ajánlom)

/house favourites/

18.  Grilled chicken breast in crockery with garlic spinach and mozzarella,                    2390.- Ft

steamed vegetables

19.  Roast robber pullet breast with rosemary,                                                                                 2390.- Ft

peanut potato and tzatziki salad with garlic

20.  Onion Roast:                                                                                                                                                  2390.- Ft

Pork marinated in mustard served with French fries

21.  Granddad's Favourite:                                                                                                                             2390.- Ft

A good slice of grilled turkey breast and bacon, stewed with garlic and cream,

the Ol'Man likes it with seasoned french fries

22.  Crunchy roast duck:                                                                                                                                  2890.- Ft

I bake the duck thigh and breast then serve it with fresh salad at summer,
red cabbage and steak potato at winter

23.  Fresh Hungarian lecso (a sauce of stewed tomato and peppers)                                     1890.- Ft
with egg and sausage mixed in, served in toasted loaf

Poultries (Szárnyasok)

24.  Spicy chicken steak with potato scone and cold blue cheese sauce                             2390.- Ft

25.  My grandson’s favourite:                                                                                                                       2390.- Ft

I take fried turkey breast fillets and put garlic sour cream and a good amount of
grated cheese then serve it with potatoes fried in their skin

26.  Potato breaded chicken with sopszka salad:                                                                              2390.- Ft

I coat the chicken fillets in a grated potato breading
and serve a salad with vegetables and ewe cheese with it

27.  Layered chicken breast with potato and cheese:                                                                                       2390.- Ft

I take a big fillet and layer it with ham, cheese and béchamel
sauce and bake it

28.  "I mind my figure":                                                                                                                                    2390.- Ft

I grill turkey breast and put tomato and mozzarella cheese on it
and bake it together then I serve it with village potatoes

29.  Pullet breast stuffed with cranberry and camembert topped with roasted            2390.- Ft
 almond pieces. It is most delicious with french fries.


Pork (Sertéshúsok)

30.  Gourmet breaded pork loin fillet:                                                                                                    2390.- Ft

I fill the the meat with foie gras and mushroom ragout and I serve it
on potato scone with plum

31.  Sunday Lunch:                                                                                                                                              2390.- Ft

Breaded, fried pork fillets with french fries

32.  Gypsy style roast with french fries:                                                                                                  2390.- Ft

I bake pork fillets with garlic and spices then put some bacon on top

33.  Brassó style roast:                                                                                                                                       2390.- Ft

A pork stew with garlic, onion and spices served on top of french fries

34.  Breaded pork stuffed with smoked knuckle and ewe cheese, spice potato rings  2390.- Ft

35.  Grandma’s plate of plenty for 2 people:                                                                                                         4990.- Ft

I fill a wooden plate with french fries, pork stuffed with ewe cheese,
grilled chicken breast, grilled pork, and grilled sausage and serve it with some
Hungarian cabbage salad


Vegetarian Dishes (Vegetáriánus ételek)

36.  Fried mushrooms stuffed with ewe cheese, rice, tartar sauce                                      1890.- Ft

37.  Fried cheese served with rice and tartar sauce                                                                      1990.- Ft

38.  Fried camembert cheese with berry jam and croquettes                                               1990.- Ft

39.  Grilled gomolya cheese (mild, soft, white cheese) with honey                                   1990.- Ft

served on a bed of lettuce

Salad (Saláták)

40.  ‘Sopszka’ salad:                                                                                                                                                           790.- Ft

cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic, ewe cheese, olive oil and vinegar

41.  Caesar salad with fried chicken breast, parmesan cheese and toast                         1690.- Ft

42.  Salad pot with pullet breast and smoked cheese                                                                1690.- Ft

Home-made pickled items:                                                                                                                                  490.- Ft

43.  Cabbage salad

44.  Cucumber salad with sour cream

45.  Pickled cucumber

46.  Leavened cucumber

47.  Pickles

48.  Apple peppers (spicy)

Desserts (Desszertek)

49.  Poppy seed crepes with warm plum sauce                                                                                  790.- Ft

50.  Cottage cheese dumplings with sour cream                                                                               790.- Ft

51.  Boiled sweet dumplings filled with rum plum jam, rolled in poppy seeds              790.- Ft

with vanilla sauce poured on top, made the way my Austrian friend taught me.

52.  Sweet chestnut purée with whipped cream and soft peach pieces                              650.- Ft

53.  Red fried ravioli with vanilla sauce                                                                                                  650.- Ft

Grandma’s crepes                                                                                                                                       650.- Ft

54.  Home-made apricot jam

55.  Home-made plum jam

56.  Hazelnut cream

57.  Vanilla cream

58.  Cottage cheese

59.  Cocoa

60.  Cinnamon

Soft Drinks (Üditöitalok)

Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero   0.25 l                                                                                                     350.- Ft

Sprite   0.2 l                                                                                                                                                    350.- Ft

Tonic   0.25 l                                                                                                                                                  350.- Ft

Ginger Ale   0.25 l                                                                                                                                        350.- Ft

Cappy juice   0.2 l                                                                                                                                        350.- Ft

Nestea ice tea lemon or peach   0.25 l                                                                                            350.- Ft

Natur Aqua mineral water with gas or without gas   0.25 l                                                350.- Ft

Bottle of soda water   1 l                                                                                                                         390.- Ft

Home-made elderflower or raspberry syrup in pitcher   0.2 l                                          390.- Ft

Beers (Sörök)

Draft beer:

Zlaty Bazant   0.3 l                                                                                                                               400.- Ft

Zlaty Bazant   0.5 l                                                                                                                               650.- Ft

Edelweiss /wheat beer/   0.5 l                                                                                                              700.- Ft

Krusovice /brown/   0.5 l                                                                                                                600.- Ft

Krusovice   0.5 l                                                                                                                                                             600.- Ft

Gösser /lemon/   0.33 l                                                                                                                            500.- Ft

Heineken   0.5 l                                                                                                                                             600.- Ft

Non-alcoholic beers:

Gösser /lemon/   0.33 l                                                                                                                            500.- Ft

Soproni   0.5 l                                                                                                                                       600.- Ft

Wines (Borok)                                                                                  

Wines from Gere Winery of Villány, Hungary                                         0.75 l                      3900.- Ft

Portugieser (Red wine made of Blauer Portugieser grapes)

Kékfrankos (Blue Frankish, a dry red wine rich in tannin,
with a spicy masculine character)


Olaszrizling  (Italian Riesling or Welschriesling, dry white wine)

                                                                                                                                     or portioned      500.- Ft/dl

Wine of the house from Varga Winery (Badacsonyörs, Hungary)                                        300.- Ft/dl

Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris, a dry white wine)

Zweigelt (Red wine rich in tannic acid and harmonious flavour)




Appetizer Drinks (Röviditalok)  /4 cl/

Palinka from Szicsek, Hungary:                                                                                                           990.- Ft

Sour cherry
Honey and sour cherry

Real mountain dew palinka: plum and peach                                                                           990.- Ft

Jim Beam                                                                                                                                                          990.- Ft

Ballantine‘s                                                                                                                                                    990.- Ft

Jägermeister                                                                                                                                                  990.- Ft

Unicum                                                                                                                                                                              990.- Ft

Finlandia vodka                                                                                                                                                             990.- Ft

Bailey's                                                                                                                                                              990.- Ft                 

Becherovka                                                                                                                                                     990.- Ft                 

Champagnes (Pezsgök)

Hungaria Extra Dry   0.7 l                                                                                                                        2890.- Ft

BB: sweet and half-dry   0.7 l                                                                                                                2290.- Ft

Lavazza Coffees (Kávék)

Espresso Coffee                                                                                                                             350.- Ft

Cappuccino                                                                                                                                                      450.- Ft

Dilmah Tea                                                                                                                                                                          490.- Ft

You can choose different flavours from our tea box.

Would you like to invite a larger company?

Over 10 people Grandma Erzsi offers You a mixed plate of plenty, even prepared
according to Your needs!                                                                                2600.- Ft/person

You can get half portions of our menu items for 70% of the regular menu price.